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Welcome to the Fun Stuff page!  Different items are added as time goes by. 


Don Argento's King of the Road article in April's edition of BMWON

Fan Fiction

A bonanza of 'Riptide' fan fiction can be found here.

The End

My first ever attempt at fan fiction. The End  is a continuation of The Cowboy and The Movie Star as I didn't want to see the the film end where it did.

Coming To Terms

Coming To Terms is a wonderful Riptide fan fiction 9/11 story written by the talented Sheri Young.

Whatever We Have To Do

Another great story written by Sheri Young.  Whatever We Have To Do is a Riptide/Cowboy and the Movie Star crossover.

Take Me Away

One more 'Cowboy and the Movie Star' story. Take Me Away takes place before 'The End'.

Chat Transcript

A transcript of the online 1998 RealHollywood chat with Perry is available to reread!  Thanks to Susanne for providing!

Questions and Answers

You asked Perry and he answered!  Read the questions and answers fans wanted to know!

Interview with Perry requested an interview with Perry for their site.


Dominique from Belgium made Perry wallpaper and she's kind enough to share them with the rest of his fans.  Thank you, Dominique!