Perry King







Feature Films/Television Movies
Series/Guest Appearances
[In Reverse Order-- Start to Most Recent]

The Possession of Joel Delaney, 1971, feature film 
Slaughterhouse Five, 1972, feature film
Big Mac & Poor Claire, 1972, feature film
Deadly Visitor, 1973, television movie/pilot
Medical Center:  Nightmare, 1973, television series, guest

Cannon: Blood Money, 1974, television series, guest 
Hawaii Five-O: Banzi Pipeline, 1974, television series, guest 
Hawaii Five-O: We Hang Our Own, 1974, television series, guest
Apples Way: The Coach, 1974, television series, guest 

The Lords of Flatbush, 1974, feature film 
Foster and Laurie, 1975, televison movie 
Mandingo,1975, feature film 
The Wild Party, 1975, feature film
Benjamin Franklin, 1975, television movie

Captains and The Kings, 1976, television mini-series 
Lipstick, 1976, feature film
The Hemmingway Play, 1976, television [PBS] movie

Aspen, 1977, television mini-series 
Andy Warhol's Bad, 1977, feature film 
The Choirboys, 1977, feature film 
A Different Story, 1978, feature film 
The Last Convertible, 1979, television mini-series
The Cracker Factory, 1979, television movie
Love's Savage Fury, 1979, television movie 
City In The Fear, 1980, television movie 
Golden Gate, 1981, television movie 
Inmates:  A Love Story, 1981, television movie 
Search and Destroy, 1981, feature film 
The Quest, 1982, television series 
Class of 1984, 1984, feature film 
The Hasty Heart, 1984, television movie/play 
Helen Keller: The Miracle Continues, 1984, television movie 
The Clairvoyant aka The Killing Hour,1984, feature film 
Riptide, 1984-1986, television series
Stranded, 1986, television movie
Sampson & Delilah, 1986, cartoon, voice

I'll Take Manhattan, 1987, television mini-series
Easy Street:  Spring Fever, 1987, television series, guest

The Man Who Lived At The Ritz, 1988, televison mini-series 
Disaster at Silo 7, 1988, television mini-series 
Perfect People,  1988, television movie 
Hitchhiker: Studio X, 1988, television movie 
Knife and Gun Club, 1988, television movie 
Danger Adrift, 1988, television movie 
Shakedown on the Sunset Strip, 1988, television movie 
Tales from the Crypt: Came the Dawn, 1989, television series, guest 
Roxanne:  The Prize Pulitzer, 1989, television movie 
Kaleidoscope, 1990, television movie
Country Estates, 1990, television movie/pilot

  Switch, 1991, feature film 
A Cry in the Night, 1992, television movie 
Something to Live For:  The Alison Gertz Story, 1992, television movie 
Almost Home, 1993, television series
Jericho Fever, 1993, television movie 
A Stranger in the Mirror, 1993, television movie 
Burke's Law: Who Killed The Centerfold, 1994, television series, guest
The Trouble With Larry, 1994, television series

Good King Wenceslas, 1994, television movie 
She Led Two Lives, 1994, television movie
Melrose Place, 1995, television series 
Let It Be, 1995, feature film 
The Outer Limits:  Birthright, 1995, television series, guest
Hijacked: Flight 285, 1996, television movie 
Face Of Evil, 1996, television movie 
Their Second Chance, 1997, television movie 
Abduction of Ragtime, 1998, feature film 
The Cowboy and the Movie Star, 1998, television movie 
The Sentinel:  Remembrance, 1998, television series, guest 
Her Married Lover, 1999, television movie 
Will & Grace: Oh Dad, Poor Dad, He's Kept In The Closet and I'm So Sad,  2000, television series, guest 
The Perfect Wife, 2000, feature film [also Associate Producer] 
Titans, 2000, television series
Spin City, 2002, television series, guest; 4 appearances
Another Pretty Face, 2002, television movie
The Day After Tomorrow, 2002, feature film
Stranger at the Door, 2003, television movie
Eve: Dateless in Miami, 2004, television series, guest
The Perfect Neighbor, 2004, television movie
The Discontents, 2004, feature film
Home For The Holidays, 2005, television movie
Without a Trace: More Than This, 2006, television series, guest
Framed for Murder, 2006, television movie
Cold Case: Blackout, 2006, television series, guest
Brothers and Sisters: Game Night, 2007 television series, guest
Experience El Dorado, 2009, television series, host

Big Love, 2009, television series, guest, 3 appearances
Happiness Isn't Everything, 2009, television pilot
Drop Dead Diva: Closure, 2011, television series
The Hatfields & McCoys: Bad Blood, 2012, feature film
The Mentalist: Cheap Burgundy, 2012, television series, guest
Delusional, 2013, television movie [?]
The Divide, 2017, feature film


Theater/Radio Dramas

Child's Play,  New York 
Jesse James,  Off Broadway 
Othello, [Cassio], Washington DC/Shakespeare Festival 
Knuckle, Phoenix Theatre Group 
Eccentricities of a Nightingale, Los Angeles 
The Trouble with Europe,  New York 
Earplay, play on National Public Radio 
Star Wars,  play on National Public Radio 
Merchant of Venice, Bassario 
The Empire Strikes Back,  play on National Public Radio 
Love Letters, Los Angeles
A Few Good Men, Broadway 
Return of the Jedi,  play on National Public Radio 
Seven Out, Los Angeles 


Riptide: Echoes, 1986
The Divide, 2017