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Welcome to Perry's Photos!  These pictures are from his own private collection and will be added to as time goes by.  Enjoy!

Latest Additions


[This one's mine.  Perry and my dog,
Moonshine.  They fell in love with each
other during his visit on Jan. 19/20th.]

His favorite bike ever.

Riding that favorite bike [with the side hack he built
for Hannah attached] in Death Valley.

"At a restaurant somewhere a couple years ago."

The picture Hannah shot.


Here's a shot of a crazy vehicle that Mark Smith and I saw in Darwin, CA-- an almost ghost town with
 about 30 residents, after a top population of about 4000, I believe, around 1890-- this town is fascinating,
when you drive in and around it, you feel people watching from some of the relict houses-- but you
almost never see a soul.

This is pretty common out in Death Valley-- the miners would make homes for themselves in the hills, which they called "Cousin Jacks" -- they would dig a hole in a low hill, put a doorframe and door in it, and often a window and frame-- and a hole through the top for the stovepipe. Supposedly they are very warm in the winter, and cool in the summer--Smart!

Echo Canyon -- what little remains of the Inyo mine -- the shafts go back so far Suzy and I have never had the guts to go find the ends.

I want this old Packard (?) so much I can't stand it-- but I've got 39 vehicles now (28 bikes, 10 cars and trucks, and a MF 40)-- so this is the LAST thing I need. But isn't it just BEAUTIFUL? Somebody put so much love and labor into it.

Rhyolite (after the ore)-- a fascinating ghost town right outside of Beatty,  Nevada -- this is the old Bank building, I thinnk.  Beatty exists because the Amargosa river surfaces there -- that's the longest underground river in the world, or so I've read -- but you almost never get to see it.  It also surfaces at the southern end of Death Valley, in the salt marshes there.  Rhyolite is easily accessed by any vehicle -- and then, from Beatty to Rhyolite, you can take Titus Canyon into Death Valley.  This is easily one of the most beautiful places on earth -- but to be safe you need high clearance, or a dual-sport bike, at least --  it gets a little difficult in places.

Here's Mark Smith and me in Death Valley.

... some photos Suz took of our adventure with Mark Smith of the Rubicon Trail and Jeep Jamboree fame in
 Death Valley -- I led 14 Jeeps through as their trail guide. A LOT of fun.

  In front of Ubehebe crater.

The ranch in snow, including my 77 International and a fallen horse.  [it blew over in the unusual winter.]

[The following photos were sent to me by Suzy without details. I can guess to most of them and will.  Others I'll leave blank.]

The Hollywood Show, April 24-25, 2010

['Riptide' Reunion!!]

['Riptide' Reunion w/Suzy]

[I do believe this is Hannah]

[With Sean Young, Oscar Night 2011]

[Louise and granddaughter, Kiki]

[Dutch and burro]


"I wanted to send you this photo, given to me by Joe -- it's really good, isn't it?"
[Yep, it certainly is.  Seeing you Boys together again makes everyone smile! ]

   ~ 2010 ~

"In loving memory of James MacArthur.  I saw James last at the Hollywood Show in April and although he looked ill, his wonderful spirit and joy were still intact.  He gave me this photo, which meant that, typically of his generous nature, he'd noticed I would be there and took the time to retrieve it from his archives.   God speed, Friend!"

"A shot of me on Broadway in 1990 (I think)"

[It's from 'A Few Good Men' -- I don't have a date so he might be right.  Boy, he's been slacking, hasn't he?  I'll get on him about it.]

 ~ 2009 ~

'The Gardeners of Cool'

"A little baby owl that grew up in one of the brick columns at the ranch
(hollow inside) - he got older and left, for a while we'd see him
him out there, sometimes trying to hide behind things - he was so sweet!"

"This is a shot from my trip to Myanmar, about a year ago.
Not a great shot, but can you believe how they utilize motorbikes?
This was very common."

                     Perry & Suzy in Death Valley     "Dutch" - one of Perry's 
                                                                                     Premarin rescue foals


Beetle Cup -- 145 mph -- 2002

Death Valley

21 years

                                                                              Charity Ride - 1999

Astride one of his favorite horses

His beloved 1959 xk 150 drophead Jaguar
He's had this car for thirty years

                1970 - Right before he went 
                           to Julliard - 1953 BMW R51/2

Ranch house



Ranch Shots

Perry with Rowdy and Dutch [r]

Dutch in training

Perry's Burros -- one is now deceased

Rowdy tied to the front gate [notice the motorcycle cutout?]

"A bunch of overweight cowboys."  They work the ranch and taught
Perry what he needed to know for The Cowboy and the Movie Star.

The ranch in the spring.

Sunset at the ranch

~Perry's Toys~

His beloved Alligator motorcycle that was on display
at the Motorcycle Hall of Fame Museum's 'MotoStars' exhibit 
in Pickerington, OH.

1967 Mustang GT Fastback

1989 BMW R100GS -- Perry recently won the English
Trials Competition at the BMW Rally in Auburn, CA 
with this bike.

1987 Cagiva Elefant

1965 Triumph TR6                        

1957 International