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 So -- who is the person behind APK?  Well, she's not very complex.  Actually she's pretty darn boring.

It started in Oxford, Ohio on February 29, 1964.  That's right, Leap Year.  I have an uncle who's a Leap Year baby and I'm also an only child. 

I won't go into all the boring details of childhood, but I will state that I'm a child of divorce.  I'm also a lover of animals as living out in the country with no siblings or close neighbors, animals weren't only pets, they were my best friends and playmates.

After graduating high school in 1982, my father died unexpectedly a year later -- July 4, 1983.  To this day the 4th of July is simply a day to get over with as soon as possible.  I was very much a daddy's girl and even though 33 years have gone by, I still cry.

Fast-forward 9 years:  I met my husband during a blind date on my birthday in 1992.  Six months later almost to the day, August 30, 1992, we were married.  Joe was a professional firefighter/paramedic when we met.  As he hated tuxedos and I loved him in uniform, we compromised -- he got married in a new uniform.

Seeing as how we were both only children, and children of divorce [both sets of parents divorced when we were 4 years of age], we knew we wanted children -- plural.  Had to be more than one.  We were heard and blessed with two very big boys:  Charles [Chip] in 1994 and Nicholas in 1997.  Both weighed over ten pounds when they were born.  This is my very favorite picture of my three men:

My boys and I in October, 2014 -- towering over mom:

Both hub and I are very simple in our ideas, tastes, and love simple life.  Amish lifestyle has always intrigued me and certain areas of our life reflect it.  Joe likes to grow a garden and we both love to can and preserve our goods.    Nothing gives me more comfort and peace in winter than having the house alight with the glow of kerosene lamps or pegging clothes out on the line in the summertime to dry.

I was a stay-at-home mom from 1998 to 2016.  Joe worked in the fire service over 25 years and retired in June, 2015.   He took great pride in providing for his family and did a FABULOUS job of it.  We sold our mini farm in central Ohio and moved to our dream state of Tennessee.  October 2015 our house went up -- well, our "barndominium"  See?


It's GORGEOUS and Joe designed the entire thing himself with our golden years in mind.  There are no steps anywhere -- not to get in, not in any showers, everything's walk-in. Because we both hate modern day appliances, our kitchen is equipped with a 1952 Philco refrigerator, a 1941 Chambers gas stove and an 1800's Acme Lehigh wood burning cook stove.  This house reflects who we are and we LOVE living in Hancock County, Tennessee!

Since moving to Tennessee, I now work as an office manager for a local real estate company. In January 2017 I started taking classes for an Affiliate Broker Real Estate license and happy to say on March 16, 2017 I passed the National and State of Tennessee exams, so now I can sell real estate and support us. I'm very proud of my goals met and excited about the future! 

We're developing a little farm down here -- I had my donks shipped down, we bought a sweet heifer named Daisy in March, 2016 and a little bull calf named Butch on January 1st, 2017.  Both are 'Changus' -- Charolais/Black Angus mix.  Plans are to add some goats to take care of the ridges surrounding us and we have a few chickens to give us fresh eggs every day.

The donks in 2016. 
Seppee[l], Cutter[c] and Dakota[r]

Our little chicken house with Daisy in the background.

Daisy and baby Butch

I think when all girls are little, they dream of having a horse. I know I did. I have ALWAYS wanted a horse for as long as I can remember.  I started taking riding lessons from a dear friend down here and decided to buy my own to learn on now that I have many places to ride it.  March 18, 2017 Long Black Train joined the farm.  He's a 16y/o, 15h  Tennessee Walking Horse gelding.  I hope and think we'll have a long, close friendship riding many trails together.  Here's my boy:


Outside is guarded by our rescued Malinois mix, Dinky Dalton.



I've had this little girl since August 2012.  I've never had a dog like her and probably never will again.  We adopted her from the local humane society in Ohio and she's been my constant companion ever since.  When we had an overnight visitor back in 2014, they both fell for each other.  This is my Australian Shepherd mix, Moonshine with her buddy:

PK and PG

Another hobby I love is quilting.  I've always loved quilts, always wanted to learn how and decided to teach myself in 2008.  My first project was a quilt to celebrate Perry's 60th birthday.  An Ohio Star pattern with cowboy, horse, western, motorcycle and racing check stars.  It was the perfect learning experience and I presented it to him on June 28, 2008:

The quilt was machine pieced on a 1952 Singer 15.  I adore sewing on vintage Singer 15s and now have a 1948 and a 1951 Centennial in my collection as well.  In the new house, one side of it is the 'quilt nook'.

One thing I will 'fess up to is having a bit of redneck in my blood.  Blame it on the aforementioned uncle -- we're more alike than just sharing birthdays.  I love having a different looking vehicle!  I found my current truck after having a Ford Explorer for 10 years. This one's definitely one of a kind, a real head-turner and one of my pride and joys. It suits my taste perfectly [did I mention I'm a huge Tennessee Volunteers football fan?], I've enjoyed it for 15 years with no plans to get something newer. I added smidge taller tires and ta-da -- I'm in my own little redneck heaven:

That's my life so far.  Not much to it and it gets more interesting and exciting as I grow older, but I couldn't ask for a better, happier, more content one.  If you see a big ol' orange Ford heading your way, be sure to wave!