See the guy above?  He changes lives.  He did mine and this is the story of how it happened:

Family Channel.  June. 1998. Wish I could remember the exact date but hey -- that was a long time ago and the ol' memory ain't what it used to be.  'The Cowboy and the Movie Star' premiered that whatever-date-that-was night.  I'd seen previews, looked really good [I'm a sucker for cowboys -- always have been] so I decided to tune in.  Clint Brannan galloped right in to my life that evening and it hasn't been the same since.  Adored the character, wanted to find out more about the actor who played him.  Perry King.  There wasn't anything about Perry King on the Internet back in 1998.  What a disappointment.

Now perhaps I should back up here and tell you that in June 1998 I had just left a job I loved and became a stay-at-home mom.  In other words, aside from kids and housework, I had no life.  Have you ever quit working full time to stay home and take care of two kids under age four?  It's a tough adjustment. REALLY tough.  It ain't no sit-on-your-butt-and-eat-Bon-Bons-kinda life. You're busy from sun up to sun down [in my case sons up to sons down]. You're not able to socialize with co-workers OR people your own age -- you spend your time with little ones. And Barney. 'Nuff said.  I needed something for ME, something to let me unwind at the end of very busy days.

Nothing about him on the Internet.  I wanted to change that.  This is where I mention I didn't even HAVE a computer, much less know how to run one OR make a website.  Didn't matter.  Perry King deserved to have a spot on the Internet and by golly, I was going to put one there.  That character and his acting touched me that much. Bought a computer, got comfy and learned how to surf the Web.  Found a message board regarding an old television series Perry had been on ['Riptide'] and made myself at home there.   The creator of that board knew her stuff.  She knew how to make graphics and even made some of them do different things!   So one day I took her aside, by email of course, and told her of my dream.  I wanted to make a website about Perry King, wanted it to be an official site some day [hey, if you're going to dream you might as well go all out, right?] and could she teach me how.   She could and did.   To this day and forever after, I will always be grateful and show that gratitude to her.  THANK YOU, Jeannie!

Jeannie created all of APK's first graphics thirteen years ago.  Basic, simple, straightforward.  Exactly what I wanted.  I wrote all the content.   One day away from putting what we'd created onto the Internet, I got a worm in my computer that destroyed everything.  EVERYTHING!  I had to reformat the hard drive, buy programs that were lost and start all over again.   It set me back weeks and by the time I got everything lined up to go live again, another Perry King website had popped up.  It was Gerri's 'Perry King Now'.  Deeply disappointed I wasn't the first, and wondering if I should even air mine, I decided to go ahead.  I'd worked hard.  Stupid worm.

By the time I started working on APK, I'd seen several of Perry's works.  Fascinating how that happens, isn't it?  After seeing one thing you want to see more and more?  I also noticed Perry said "absolutely" in a LOT of those works.  Yup, now you know how the title came to be.  eBay LOVED me the first couple of years.  When I wasn't buying copies of Perry's works to collect, I was buying pictures right and left to supply the site with.  You should SEE the massive notebook they're in!  I wanted APK to be a site by a fan, for the fans.  Meaning, nothing real personal,  just nice pictures and up-to-date information of new work coming up. 

Gerri's site, APK, then a short time later, the bomb dropped --  PerryKing.com arrived. The 'OFFICIAL Site'.  Drat.  Part of the dream up and running, another part dashed.  Also during this time Perry had divorced, was focusing on his daughter Hannah more than work, so there wasn't much news to announce.  Of course his daughter was first priority -- she should be.   Therefore I changed pictures every month to give the site something different to look at and hoped other fans would get used to the habit and return, over and over again.

I found the name of Perry's manager, emailed him with the link to my site and asked if I could contact him once a month to see if anything new was coming up I could post.  I didn't get a response the first time, waited a few months and tried again.  That time it worked and yes, I was certainly allowed to email and ask.  Mr. Manager was impressed with APK and said he was going to have Perry take a look at it, too. How exciting!

Thirteen months after APK aired, I received an email from Perry [which can still be read on the News page] one evening.  He thanked me for the site, my hard work, told me he wasn't acting and didn't really have plans to in the near future.  His life was completely focused on his daughter.   I emailed him back, thanked him for taking the time to contact me and for his praise. It meant SO much and I was walking on air!  After very sporadic contact the first few years, Perry contacted me again, told me he was going to be in his home state [which happens to be my home state] and could we possibly meet so he could thank me for all my work in person.   October 2003 we did exactly that.  March 2004 we met up again in Los Angeles and spent the day together with Perry giving me a tour of Santa Monica.  During lunch that day he asked me if I would take over PerryKing.com as it hadn't been updated since it aired.  His daughter Louise ran it, she had gone back to school and didn't have time to maintain it.  I graciously declined.   Why?  I'll tell you and it sounds really lame:  the name "absolutely" would be gone.  All my work would be gone, but mainly the name.  I was proud of that name and wanted to keep all my work intact.   That was my immediate thought so I declined.  What an IDIOT!  He handed my goal to me and I. Turned. Him. Down.

In 2005 I received a press release to post on the News page about a Fourth of July celebration where Perry was going to be the Master of Ceremonies.  I'd never received a press release before -- stay-at-home moms usually don't.  In that press release were bios of celebrities planning to attend.  I immediately went and read Perry's.  Imagine my surprise and utter shock when I read "visit Perry's official site" which was linked at the bottom,  ran my mouse over it and found APK's name IN that link.   There it was -- the complete dream I'd had since June, 1998
had come true and was now staring me right in the face.  I sat in front of the computer screen, stared at that link and I cried.  It. Came. True.  How many people can say that?  How many people have experienced it?  You better believe Perry got an email of gushing gratitude that evening, too.

PerryKing.com is gone.  Perry King Now is gone.  Gerri, PKN's creator, is gone.  APK is still running and in many ways, stronger than ever.  Wow. 

The moral of the whole long-winded story above?  Never, EVER give up on your dreams.  You'll never know what happens if you do.  If they take years, they take years.  If you struggle along the way, it only makes the goal that much sweeter.  And you should have to struggle with your dreams.  If they're handed to you, it's not half as much fun to achieve.

Over the years I've played around and learned how to make my own graphics.  Since there wasn't much to post about new work, I kept the site fresh by changing its complete look every year or two [now it's more like three].   The Photos page is still changed every single month -- 156 times so far.  APK remains and will continue to remain basic, simple and straightforward.  It shadows it's subject.  There aren't any fancy neat-o/change-o graphics to be found, there's no 'professional' website designer/maker copyright at the bottom of any page.  It's my firm opinion  no matter how much one would pay a top website designer, they'll never capture the site's heart, soul and passion.  No amount of money can buy it.  And APK has heart, soul and passion.  It has MY heart, soul and passion.   It also has my blood, sweat, joys, tears, triumphs, setbacks, frustrations, fears and uncertainties.  It's all right here in these pages.
I'm sure there's programs out there where it takes minutes to make and air a website.  APK isn't one of them. Everything you see today is made by ME.  I learned how to do it and I am PROUD of that fact.  When I decide to change the looks it takes me a good 15-18 hours to do it start-to-finish.  Everything's done from scratch -- all the graphics are done by hand, all the buttons are linked by hand.  I'm still a stay-at-home mom, but now I'm a stay-at-home mom who runs an actor's official website.   I've met fantastic people, made very close friendships, and have a wonderfully rare and respectful business relationship and friendship with the subject of this site.

Another reason I wrote this story is to extend my heartfelt gratitude to all you loyal visitors -- you make this 'job' such a joy and absolute pleasure to do.  Perry's fans are the sweetest, nicest people on earth.  Must be because he's one of the sweetest, nicest men on earth.  And just as he is grateful to me, I am forever grateful to Perry.  That cowboy he portrayed in 1998 opened up so many new and different adventures for me.  But more than that, the actor allowed me the opportunity to represent him to his fans and to the World Wide Web.  It remains an honor.  One that will never change.   In the last thirteen years my respect, admiration and appreciation for Perry has grown. For the actor, moreso the man.  He is truly exceptional.

Thank you, fans and visitors, and thank you, Perry -- for thirteen wonderful years.  Let's see where the future takes us...