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Perry King -- car and motorcycle enthusiast, dad, race car driver, grandfather, rancher, actor...  the list goes on and on and each role is a comfortable fit alongside his name.  Welcome to his website!  If you want to learn more about Perry, APK will help.  If you're fortunate enough to be familiar with him already, enjoy your visit! APK is updated monthly, sometimes more often, with pictures and news about upcoming work and appearances.

Each performance by this incredibly talented actor is fascinating to watch.  It's a joy and an extreme compliment to the actor when they can camouflage the 'actor' and bring out the character.  It's rare, it's absolute magic to watch and it happens every time Perry steps into the actor mode.

The man behind the actor is a devoted father to his two daughters and one of the most kind and considerate persons you'd ever want to meet.  Whether reading quotes from various publications, interviews on-line or from television, conversations with people regarding this site or just talking to Perry personally, two things remain constant --  his caring manner and warmth are the real thing and it's very, very special.

APK started in 2000 as an accumulation of one fan's work after seeing him in the 1998 Family Channel film, 'The Cowboy and the Movie Star'.  In July 2005 APK was honored to become Perry's official website.  Prior to and since that time, APK has received valued approval, praise and appreciation from Perry, family members, co-workers and friends.

Thank you so much for visiting.  Enjoy your time here and please -- come back any time!

Questions, suggestions and comments regarding APK are always welcomed.  Send them to:

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